Rogue Fest Collective Mural

This year, Rogue Fest has teamed up with Sunshine Coast based visual artist Levi Purjue (Tahltan name “Mala”) and business, Paintillio, to bring you a weekend-long fun and engaging project where YOU create the final piece!

Photo of Levi Purjue, wearing a black t-shirt, with a rocky shore and ocean behind him.Levi Purjue

Born and raised on Haida Gwaii, Tahltan artist Levi (Mala) Purjue is inspired by the pristine body of the BC northwest coast and the vast ocean that seems to preserve it from the rest of the world. Currently, he resides on the Sunshine Coast of BC, which has its own beautiful characteristics and natural, unique landscapes.

Music is a fundamental part of his inspiration and, as a musician, creates an avenue of creative expression throughout his artwork. Being a contemporary artist with traditional elements, Naturalism is his style as he strives to evoke the feeling of motion in his artwork.

Levi is also a wood carver. Using mainly red and yellow cedar to create expressions of Indigenous culture. “Carving from a natural and living material such as wood feels so completely grounding.” Levi says, “It’s like walking barefoot on the beach; it just grounds your body’s energy.”

Levi’s roots are Tahltan (wolf clan) from Telegraph Creek, BC and Shoshone from Nevada, USA. “I love the artistic value of painting and carving!” Levi says, but the greatest gift comes from the quiet time and healing relief that he receives from the process of his work.

See more of Levi’s work HERE.

The Rogue Fest Collective Mural project is generously sponsored by 

Paintillio creates custom paint-by-number kits and collaborative murals from any photo or image for individuals and groups of any size to paint.

We’re out to be thoughtful, intentional (and yes, innovative) in all the ways we propagate Paintillio and bring more art to more communities. No matter where we show up, we’re dedicated to bringing and being our best, while living into our purpose of making people happy through creativity, connection, community and collaboration.

For more about Paintillio, please visit their website HERE.