How To Rogue

General Festing Success

There is NO ATM available on-site so please bring cash!


  • The Rogue Arts Festival will happen rain or shine. Considerations for raining toads.


  • Please leave Rover at home! While we love our furry family, Clarke Farms is a working farm with working farm animals.
  • CERTIFIED assistance animals are the only exception.
  • ABSOLUTELY no other animals are permitted on the festival site.

Farm Etiquette:

  • PLEASE NO GLASS! This is a working farm and the fields that we use are hay fields that the farm harvests each year. People feed their animals this hay!
  • No disposal of any type of chemical or non-biodegradable products on the fields, or in the waterways. Period.
  • Do not explore the farm. Our usage is limited to the festival site, camping zone and parking lot. Period. 

Zero Waste:

  • For the love of the planet…..there will be no sale of bottled water of any kind on-site.
  • Please bring your own water vessel and fill up at our Hydration Station whenever the mood strikes you.
  • For that matter, bring your own beer mug, too.
  • All our food providers are happy to serve you on your own mess kit and a wash station is provided.
  • We have a Zero Waste team on site who are happy to help you separate your trash, recyclables and compost. Go visit and learn what you can do to reduce your own footprint.
  • Think about what you’re bringing. The Rogue Arts Festival is super into this earth, it’s pretty cool, and we don’t want to trash it so let’s keep the disposables to a minimum, yeah?


  • No outside boozes are permitted on the festival site! C’mon, you knew that, right? Plenty of boozes for sale at Rogue Art Fest’s Libation Station!
  • You MUST have 2 pieces of ID on your person, even if you admit you look older than 30. 
  • Rogue Festival Staff reserve the right to eject or refuse service to anyone, for any reason. If you are deemed to be over-intoxicated, we will help you get home safely.
  • Rogue Fest will not tolerate abusive or violent behavior. If you can’t handle your liquor, we suggest leaving before you get to that point.

Children & Their Safety:

  • We love the young’uns, and we’re ultra concerned that they have a safe and fantastic time at our festival.
  • Please remember, your children – all the ones that come with you – are your responsibility. 
  • We have a family-match system at the box office. If you have concerns about wandering small folk, please ensure you register with that system when you arrive at the festival.
  • All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the festival grounds.


Camping Policies

  • EVERYONE who camps requires a camping pass. Camping passes require weekend passes. If you are wanting to VISIT friends who are camping, you will also require both of those things.
  • 18 and Under must be camping with an Adult.
  • 12 and Under must have Adult supervision in camp zone at all times.
  • This is very rustic! While there will be porta-potties and a simple wash station available, that’s pretty much it!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN FIRES! It’s dry. It’s hot. It’s covered in dead grass.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PETS are permitted at the festival or campsite. Those that show up with their animal family will have to be turned away.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO AMPLIFIED MUSIC. We want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves and that includes getting a good night’s sleep!
  • If you would like access to your vehicle throughout the weekend, you may park in the regular parking lot area, prepare to carry your gear in and out. Wheelbarrows/wagons will be available for your hauling pleasure.
  • This is a private property and working farm! Please adhere to site signage and stay within the festival areas.
  • Please use unscented, bio-degradable soaps/detergents/etc as the camping wash station is part of a grey water system.
  • Bring everything that will make you happy and your weekend the best it can be. Consider sunscreen, extra water, snacks, flashlights, etc.
  • Everything you bring on site… take home with you

Vehicle Camping

  • Vehicles MUST display a valid Vehicle Camping Pass at all times.
  • There will be no vehicles allowed in and out of the camping area. Once you’re in, you’re in til Sundacampi