How To Rogue

Tips, FAQs, and Policies for General Festing Success




  • NO PETS: Please leave Rover at home! While we love our furry family, Clarke Farms is a working farm with working farm animals. 
  • ABSOLUTELY no other animals are permitted on the festival site, including camping (with the exception of certified service animals).

Festival etiquette

  • PLEASE NO GLASS! Again, this is a working farm and the fields that we use are hay fields that the farm harvests every year. People feed their animals this hay!
  • SMOKING in the smoking zone ONLY. There is a designated, covered area with seating for smokers, and yes you can still see and hear the music. ALL SMOKING AND VAPING of all things must happen there. Look for the big smoking wolf.
  • No disposal of any type of chemical or non-biodegradable products on the fields or in the waterways. Period.
  • Do not explore the farm. Our usage is limited to the festival site and parking lot. Period. 

Zero Waste

  • For the love of the planet…..there are no sales of bottled water of any kind on-site. Please bring your own metal or plastic water vessel and fill up at our free Hydration Station whenever the mood strikes you.
  • For that matter, bring your own beer mug, too! 
  • All our food providers are happy to serve you on your own mess kit and a wash station is provided.
  • We have a Zero Waste team on site who are happy to help you separate your trash, recyclables and compost. Go visit and learn what you can do to reduce your own footprint.

Change of plans

  • Shoot, so you have to cancel? That’s a bummer. Our tickets are pretty easy to transfer securely. You can read the steps HERE.
  • Tickets are non-refundable. We sure hope you can join us. Be sure to double check your calendar!

on site camping

  • 2023 marks the return of on-site camping for weekend pass-holders! Camping passes are $40 per person. 
  • Kids 12 & under are free, but require registration and a wristband, and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • There is no in/out driving for camping. If you need your vehicle during the weekend, it must stay in the parking lot.

Full Camping Policy is here. Please read it if you’re planning to camp! 


  • No outside boozes are permitted on the festival site! C’mon, you know that, right? Plenty of boozes for sale at Rogue Fest’s Libation Station!
  • You MUST have 2 pieces of ID on your person, even if you admit you look older than 40. This is about the law, not us.
  • Rogue Festival Staff reserve the right to eject or refuse service to anyone, for any reason. If you are deemed to be intoxicated, we will do our best to help you get home safely. (Sign up for the shuttle!)

Children and their safety

  • We love the young’uns and we’re ultra concerned that they have a safe and fantastic time at our festival.
  • Please remember, your children – all the ones that come with you – are your responsibility. 
  • We have a family-match system at the box office. If you have concerns about wandering small folk, please ensure you register with that system when you arrive at the festival.
  • All children under 12 must be accompanied AND SUPERVISED by an adult on the festival grounds and in the camping area, at all times.


Rogue Fest welcomes everyone who joins the festival with and for a sense of community, caring, inclusion, and respect. We do our utmost to ensure that the Festival is a safe place to be yourself, fly your flag, and get your yaya’s out fearlessly. We expect each participant to do their utmost, too.

That said, Rogue Fest has a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe, abusive, and illegal behaviours, and we are a FestivalSafe partner. Learn more here.