Making Beeswax Wraps

Saturday August 24 @Noon

Plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its life-cycle. Learn how to make your own beeswax food wraps and get rid of disposable plastics in your fridge and your lunch.

Workshop facilitated by Extinction Rebellion. The XR is a world-wide movement in which citizens come together to measure the imminent danger of extinction that the ecological crisis represents. For the sake of all life, including our own, we commit ourselves to climate crisis education and non-violent direct action. We demand governments tell the truth about the climate crisis and enact legally-binding policies to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025.

Clean Dishes Happy Fishes

Saturday August 25 @1pm

Many cleaning products are extremely damaging to marine life. Did you know that there are a lot of fish-friendly alternatives? Swing by and learn how to make your own!

Workshop facilitated by the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association. The SCCA is a volunteer association representing over thirty local conservation and community groups, plus individual members dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of our air, water, forests, and marine environments for all time.


Reusable Snack Sacks to Save the Humpbacks

Saturday August 25 @2pm

It’s always fun to have a little or a lot of snacks. Sadly the plastic bags they come in look like snacks to animals. You can come by and make your very own reusable snack/produce/bulk bag with us, and save our marine friends from making an unhealthy meal of our plastic waste.

Workshop facilitated by the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association. Find out more about them HERE.

For the love of Bees!

Saturday August 25 @3pm

During this workshop, Kathleen will be chatting about bee biology and pollinator supportive plantings and giving people the opportunity to look into some observation hives.

Workshop facilitated by Kathleen Suddes. Kathleen is a certified instructor with B.C. Honey Producers Association and the owner operator of Roberts Creek Honey. She is the past president of the Sunshine Coast beekeepers Association and has her Bee Masters Certificate (BC min apiculture). She has over 10 apiary locations scattered on private farms and acreages between Langdale and Wilson Creek and moves bees up into the logging tenures of the Community Forest for a fire-weed honey.

Sound Journey Mindful Meditation

Saturday August 25 @5:30pm and Sunday August 26 @2pm

Connect within and to the nature that surrounds us in this 20-minute guided meditation. Beginners welcome!

Workshop facilitated by meditation expert and life coach April Ria Qureshi-Davidson, RYT, ACC. Find outmore about April-Ria HERE. 


Catch a Rhythm

Saturday August 25 @5:30pm

Making rhythms helps us listen, focus and use a part of our brain that’s often on standby. This form of communication has been with us since we started making art and tools. We became less inclined to grunt about the hunt and more motivated to sit around the campfire and jam. What an evolutionary leap. All percussion instruments will be supplied in this fun, invigorating introduction to rhythm and some of its basic fundamentals. Enjoy.

Bobby Herron has performed, composed and recorded as a vocalist, guitarist, drummer and percussionist for many years in all kinds of places including Canada, The States and Europe.

This workshop takes place in front of the MainStage.

BEE-Gone Plastic Wrap!

Sunday August 25 @Noon

The latest buzz is that plastic wrap is expensive and no fun for the environment. Come join us and learn how to make your own reusable and sustainable beeswax wraps!

Workshop facilitated by the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association. Find out more about them HERE.

Exploring Reconciliation Dialogue Circle

Sunday August 26 @2:30pm

Exploring Reconciliation Dialogue Circle is a chance to listen and discuss what reconciliation is, and is not for each of us, and how it relates for all peoples living in the shíshálh swiya (homelands, birthplace, world, ‘Territory’).

Workshop facilitated by Syiyaya Reconciliation. Find out more about them HERE. 

Inspiring Action Amidst the Climate Crisis

Sunday August 26 @3:30pm

People often feel helpless when it comes to our climate crisis. It’s an enormous, abstract, overwhelming idea. If you’ve been looking for a way do something about it, we welcome you to join members of the Extinction Rebellion to discuss how various organizations are responding and how individuals are acting up and reshaping their lifestyles.

Workshop facilitated by Extinction Rebellion. Find out more about them HERE. 

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