In the spirit of scaling back the festival this year, we are thoughtfully including an on-site mobile, miniature model of our beloved Rogue Art Gallery featuring a curation of some of our past participating local visual artists.  What this gallery may lack in size, it will more than make up for in talent.

Come and see for yourself what our amazing Sunshine Coast artists have been up to!

Paintillio creates custom paint-by-number kits and collaborative murals from any photo or image for individuals and groups of any size to paint.

We’re out to be thoughtful, intentional (and yes, innovative) in all the ways we propagate Paintillio and bring more art to more communities. No matter where we show up, we’re dedicated to bringing and being our best, while living into our purpose of making people happy through creativity, connection, community and collaboration.

Painitllio is proudly (and enthusiastically) 100% women owned and led. We’re here to support all thoughtful, creative and community-minded folks. Local matters to us – which is why we keep our products handcrafted right here in BC, Canada, with over 80% of our product coming from local suppliers.

It’s our mission to stay conscious, to remain thoughtful, and to actively choose partnerships, projects and possibilities that bring more of these values to life. It’s our commitment to keep on creating, in the name of community. And, to celebrate along the way – because what is life without a party (especially a Paintillio party)?