Gritty guitar, immersive synths and soothing vocals – Parlour Panther lifts you up to a sonic dream. With love and pride bursting from each note, riff, and lyric, this Queer duo brings you thunderously dark dream pop.

Steph shreds on the electric guitar, makes smooth, bold beats, and strikes you with powerful vocals of great depth. Lee fills you up with dreamy synths, strong vocals to match and crisp high harmonies, and rides on crunchy bass lines. With influences like Alabama Shakes, Tame Impala, LCD Soundsystem, and The Black Keys, Parlour Panther carves out a rich sound that is both dark and gritty, and a beautiful dream.

Parlour Panther has been touring since 2014, at festivals like Edge of the World, ArtsWells, Philadelphia Folk Festival, Khatsalano, East Side Pride, Rogue Arts, Public Disco, Woodstove and more. They’ve swooned many crowds at curated local events like Pride in Art Society, and opening for artists like Y La Bamba, The Suffers and Rae Spoon.

Parlour Panther recently joined Rae Spoon’s record label – Coax Records – and they will be releasing a Second full length album in 2021.