The Staggers & Jaggs’ extra strength, original recipe ear wax has been mending holes in souls, amplifying auras and crossing eyes for over three years now. From the corners of East Vancouver, this band draws influence from prohibition era parties, blues, jazz, punk rock & more. Tales of love, loss and madness are told through playful melodies and hypnotic rhythms. The band’s core lineup includes Conrad Shynkar on guitar & vocals, Sabrina Robson on vocals & harmonica, Blake MacKay on keys & strange sound effects and Shannon Marie on upright bass. They are often accompanied by other curious characters on viola, mandolin and drums.

This troupe has toured throughout Western Canada, with plans to venture further this summer. Hot on the heels of their first self-titled full length album, the band is cooking up a new release for spring 2018. Listeners can expect more of Staggers’ strangely wonderful brand of freak folk and psychedelic gypsy swing – sure to drown the stubbornest of sorrows and liberate your dancing feet.