Community Complaints Choir

The time is RIPE to GRIPE and we want to hear from YOU!

This year your Rogue Fest is teaming up with Sunshine Coast’s own The Sound Space to gather and belt out YOUR pet peeves in a community choir setting!

“Whaaaaaaaaaa…..? Rogue WANTS us to complain?”


Here’s how it works:

  1. Want to complain? Send us a (shorter/shortish) complaint (Sunshine Coast inspired is great or whatever else is on your mind) by APRIL 7th to
  2. Want to sing some complaints and are available for a few rehearsals and the weekend of August 19th – 21st? Also let us know at!
  3. We put your complaints into a kick-ass choral type song.
  4. We rehearse said kick-ass song!
  5. We perform said kick-ass song!


Stuffs and FYI’s: all complaints will be anonymous, not all complaints are guaranteed to be used, further details including rehearsal space and dates to be released at a later time, you DO NOT need to be a singer to join the choir – EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Want to know a little bit more about Complaints Choirs? Here’s a great article about the history that has direct links for a listen to!