8th Annual Rogue Fest
August 18 – 20, 2023

Disco Funeral

When’s the last time you danced at a funeral? The idea might seem absurd, but this isn’t always the case. In some parts of Africa, funerals are often lavish celebrations called ‘disco funerals’ (complete with singing and dancing) for the deceased attended by all the people whose lives they touched along the way. Taking this sentiment to heart, Disco Funeral draws from a wide range of influences and emotions to create music and live performances that make an impact.

The roots that ultimately formed Disco Funeral sprang from a shared passion for music, the sea and everything absurd. Guitarist Johnny K and percussionist Justin Reist started spreading their fun and funky vibes all over the streets and beaches of Vancouver, eventually being joined by bassist Dave Malcolm and keyboardist Kaelen Jarvis. Soon after, the band launched a yearlong search for a vocalist, only to realize that the perfect front man had been among them the entire time.

Justin, with his unique voice, charisma, mind-tingling lyrics, mad harmonica skills and radical dance moves, was exactly what the band needed. Soon after, multi-instrumentalist and singer Scotty Vigue joined the band, followed by drummer Guillerme Novi, and the verdict was instantly unanimous: THIS was the sound and the camaraderie the boys had all been seeking.