Permaculture & Plant Medicine for Resilience

Saturday August 25 @Noon

A workshop in collaboration by Kym Chi of Permaculture Design and One Straw Society.

How can we be prepared for unexpected circumstances? Is it possible to prevent some unforeseen situations from occurring?

"Preparedness always beats response" -Rosemary Morrow

We live in a changing world where anything is possible. This can include all things amazing and awesome and also some things tragic and overwhelming.

Join Kym Chi for this dynamic workshop where she explores how we can become more adaptable, more prepared and more responsive to the unexpected using Permaculture and Plant Medicine. We will look at prevention and response using holistic methods founded in natures design.

- Explore the basics of Permaculture.
- Understand how Permaculture can support you to become more resilient to change and disaster.
- Learn about plants and simple medicinal preparations that can help you to be come more adaptable to stress and that can save your life in dangerous situations.
- See a demonstration of an Herbal First Aid and Emergency Kit that holds important items key to survival in different situations.
- Take part in discussions, interactive games and design activities.

Kym hopes that this introductory and informative workshop will leave you with a sense of empowerment and confidence to become more comfortable with the unknown and the unexpected while learning how we can better care for the earth, ourselves, each other and create a better world for the future.

Building an Earthship

Saturday August 25 @1pm

Workshop facilitated by Robson Valley Society's Seth Macdonald.

What IS an earthship?

An earthship is a structure built mainly with tires that are rammed with earth and stacked or staggered like bricks .The thick and dense walls of this structure are load bearing and provide thermal mass creating an incredibly energy efficient building.

Thermal mass stores heat and releases the heat slowly. This keeps indoor temperature constant while outside temperatures fluctuate. Once the walls are in place, the walls are quite often plastered over and appear very similar to an adobe style building.

Earthships are COOL... come check out this info session on this sustainable and economical way to build with Robson Valley Society's Seth Macdonald.

Super Plants for Composting and Soil Health

Saturday August 25 @2pm

A workshop presented in collaboration by Kym Chi of Permaculture Design and One Straw Society.

Soil contains the building blocks of life. so it is very important to feed the soil to sustain a vibrant and healthy garden system.  While chemical fertilizers can create short term growth they can cause long term damage.  So how can you feed the soil naturally? Join Kym Chi from One Straw Society and Permaculture Design to learn about composting super plants that not only support the creation of healthy soil, but also act as food and medicine for all beings on the planet.  Together we will explore these special plants and their many benefits while creating a nutrient rich compost tea that can fertilize your garden and create abundant systems long term.

Bio :

Kym Chi is a dedicated advocate of earth stewardship, people care and regenerative action for future resilience. She has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design, completed multiple teacher trainings, taken a variety of advanced trainings and completed a Diploma in Permaculture Education. With a love of learning, she continues to take courses that grow her understanding of the natural world.
Kym lives on the Sunshine Coast where she teaches and mentors in Permaculture, runs a holistic healing practice and acts as the Executive Director of One Straw Society an organization promoting healthy local food systems.

Check out more about the One Straw Society HERE and Permaculture Design HERE!


Rain Barrel Workshop

Saturday August 25 @3pm

Workshop facilitated by the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association, a volunteer association dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of the air, forests and waters. The workshop will be led by our Conservation Education and Research Coordinator, Paul Yeung.

With climate change impacts, increasing summer droughts and water supply issues, conserving and capturing water is more important than ever!  Join the SCCA to learn more about rainwater harvesting, and get hands-on instruction in how to transform a60-gallon barrel into an easy-to-use rainwater barrel. We'll go over tips and tricks to conserve more water, and will discuss incentives and resources to help you be water wise! Four lucky participants will get their very own rain barrel, for a small donation.


An introduction to open tunings for fingerstyle guitar 

Saturday August 25 @4pm

A workshop facilitated by Joe Stanton.

Explore the world of open tunings and fingerstyle guitar. From dropped D, to open D, open G, open C, C9, and points in between.

Joe Stanton has performed in the U.S. National finger picking championships and was a finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival’s New Folk songwriting contest. Joe's styles range from Bluegrass, to contemporary folk, to alt country, and has received radio airplay in Canada, the US, Europe, and Australia. and 2 vinyl singles in the 1980’s earning 2 BCCMA award nominations. He performed all over Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Highlights include performing for the Olympic Torch Relay,  going on a week long cross Canada trip on VIA Rail’s artist on Board program, the Kerrville Folk festival in Texas, the Island Folk Festival in Duncan. Joe has been chosen for the Vancouver Province’s Playlist 3 times.

Check out an instructional video of Joe's HERE!


Boomerang Bags – Saying No to Plastic Bags

Sunday August 26 @11am

Workshop facilitated by Sue Grant.

Boomerang Bags is a community based initiative aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags by engaging communities in making re-usable ‘Boomerang Bags’ as a fun, sustainable alternative. Each Boomerang Bag is handmade by volunteers from the local community using donated, second-hand materials, keeping the initiative local and sustainable.

At the Rogue Arts Festival we will look at the many reasons to ‘ditch the plastic’ and play with some alternative bag solutions that are quick and easy.

Improv Jamming with voice, body, and loops

Sunday August 26 @Noon

Workshop facilitated by Sara Fitzpatrick and Sarah Noni.

Sara and Sarah of Sky Parallel will be hosting an hour long creative sound workshop for all ages (kids welcome!). Come join us where we explore jamming together in song and improvisation with our voices, our bodies, beat-box and loops. We'll also be giving attendees a deeper look into the electronic elements that we love to use on stage, with tips of how you can incorporate them into your own creative expressions.

Live Electronic Music Without A Laptop

Sunday August 26 @1pm

A workshop facilitated by Texture & Light.

This hands on demonstration of the Texture & Light live rig will give you the basic idea of how Trevor uses sequencers, samplers, synthesizers, and drum machines in his live show, as well as touching on the idea of "creative limitation". Whether you're looking to ditch the laptop completely, or just want to find some fun gear to supplement it with, come over and say hello. All are welcome, this is not just for audio nerds!

Fuel Alternatives – A more in-depth look at bio-diesel

Sunday August 26 @2pm

A demonstration and participatory info session presented by Seth Macdonald.

Bio-diesel is an alternative fuel similar to conventional or ‘fossil’ diesel. It can be produced from straight vegetable oil, animal oil/fats, tallow and waste cooking oil. Bio-diesel has many environmentally beneficial properties. The main benefit of bio-diesel is that it can be described as ‘carbon neutral’. This means that the fuel produces no net output of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2). Sounds good, yeah?

Wanna know how to make your own fuel? Seth Macdonald of Robson Valley Bio Diesel will show you.

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