Rogue Art Gallery

We are pleased to announce another year of the Rogue Art Gallery! Focusing on the visual arts, the Rogue Art Gallery will be a curated weekend long event featuring local Sunshine Coast artists. Using traditional mediums, with not so traditional content, this is going to be a showing not soon to be forgotten…


THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! While on-site, take a stroll over to the Creation Station or check out around the Gallery itself as our featured Rogue Art Gallery artists will be taking turns leading a variety of demonstrations and workshops!


Showing in the gallery and making art live on site:
Dean Schutz - instagram/ mojoworksart - Sunshine Coast
Simon Haiduk - - Sunshine Coast
Hawkfeather Peterson - - Sunshine Coast
Francine Desjardins - - Sunshine Coast
Wendy Watkin - instagram/ wendywatkin01 - Sunshine Coast
Emma Wetherill Vancouver , BC
On site creating:
Tessa Rand - silversmithing - Instagram/ tessarandjewlery - Sunshine Coast
Jenny White - lapidary - instagram/ jennystorystones - Sunshine Coast
Also showing in the gallery, works by: 
Autumn Skye Morrison - - Lund, BC
Ben Tour - Sunshine Coast
Blake Drezet - @BlakeDrezetArt  - Lund, BC
Collin Elder - - Salt Spring Island
Mary Pines - Vancouver
Phresha -   - Vancouver
Tessa Mythos - - Cumberland, BC
Totemical - - Vancouver

Also new this year!- Young Artist Galley featuring selected art by emerging Coast artists aged 6-18