Predominantly focusing on rural and DIY lifestyles, this Series will feature 30 – 60 minute demonstrations, talks, and interactive workshops.  This year we are pleased to be working with a number of local and off-Coast individuals and non-profits to bring you a great variety of topics! Check back as we add more workshops closer to Rogue Fest! 



Paola will be leading us through through an exploration of our body through breath, deep listening, movement and vocal expression.  

Paola Rodriguez has been exploring her own dance and voice for over 20 years through workshops and private classes. Her dance is influenced from her explorations in ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms and kundalini dance, as well as her body connection practices of yoga, pilates, breathing, listening and communing with nature. She has studied different approaches to singing from the more classical to the more body oriented and discovered her own style of vocal expression that showcases her resonant honey alto voice. Her soul work is to help others find their own connection to their body and unique expressions as a path to health an happiness.


Saturday, August 26th @11AM




Western Canadian multi-talented entertainer Maxim Cossette delights you with his fun and engaging glimpses of life. His music will get you snapping your fingers, tapping your toes, and may well swing you out onto the dance floor. As a solo singer-songwriter who has a longstanding love affair with the banjo and slide guitar, his roots and experimental vibrations will transport audience members to magical realms where gentle demons are coaxed out to play among the musical scales.


Playing the Banjo 101 - Saturday, August 26th @2PM

How to Write a Song - Sunday, August 27th @11AM


Building a Revolution:Ten years of non-hierarchy consensus based decision making and small scale grass roots governance. Natural building too.

The Mudgirls is an all-women’s natural building collective from coastal British Columbia. They build houses and offer workshops that empower people to take back the right to provide
themselves with shelter. They taught themselves everything they needed to know to build houses using the most abundant material on earth – mud. They learnt as they went, learnt to build by building, gathered skills and allies, and shared whatever they learned with as many people as wanted to come & do it with them.

The Mudgirls have been together for 10 years; meeting new people, forging new paths, and spreading skills and knowledge in a joyful way is the very fuel that feeds the fire. How do you make a movement sustainable; keep it alive and thriving? It seems like the Mudgirls have learned that, too, along the way, and now it’s time to share it.

Sunday, August 27th @1PM


More than Just a Delicious Side Dish for Your Steak

Have you ever seen those things that grow in the woods, and wondered about them? Have you ever believed that by just touching a mushroom, you can poison yourself? Have you ever wanted to learn where to pick and how to cook wild mushrooms? Did you know that mushrooms are used by many fabric artists to dye natural fibers such as wool or silk? What is the relationship between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and mushrooms that grow here on the west coast? Did you know that certain mushrooms can turn ants in to zombie? Have you ever heard of bioluminescent mushrooms, some that grow right here on the Sunshine coast? What’s the big deal about Pine mushrooms or chanterelles?

If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind, drop by the SCSHROOM table and get a crash course in basic mushroom identification and an introduction to the fascinating world of fungi, neither plant nor animal, but a little of both.  We will explain it all.

Sunday, August 27th @3PM


The Power of Salve  
Learn how to use infused oils to make healing salves. Using petals, and leaves from One Straw's Ocean Vegetables Community Garden we will look at the healing properties of these plants, and go through the process of making a salve. Each participant will get a small sample of the salve we make to take home. Ages 8 and up. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Presented by the One Straw Society.
Saturday August 26th @ 1PM


Seed Paper 

Write a letter, plant a garden! In this fun workshop, we will be making paper from recycled materials and natural dyes, with seeds embedded right in them. Each participant will get hands on experience as well as a piece of seed paper to take home! Ages 8 and up. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Presented by the One Straw Society.

 Saturday, August 26th @5pm






Sprouting at Home! 

You know sprouts are a super food, but did you know they are super easy and inexpensive to grow in your own kitchen? In this workshop, we'll cover choosing seeds, sprouting methods, recipes, and common problems & solutions. Each participant will leave with their own basic sprouting kit, and the confidence to get growing! Ages 8 & and up. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Presented by the One Straw Society.

 Sunday, August 27th @Noon



Lives Won't Wait

Harm reduction and peer support minded discussion regarding the current overdose crisis. Learn about naloxone administration and safe use practices. We will provide current community harm reduction information and resources. Join in a conversation about the history and current reality of this epidemic. Honour those who have been lost. Awareness is the key to preventing further deaths.