Rogue Soundwalk: a deep listening experience of the festival


Soundwalking is a way to listen differently to any sound environment (soundscape) developed by Hildegard Westerkamp. Soundwalking takes participants on a 1 hour walk of heightened listening awareness through a designated route. It can be done in nature, in an urban setting, inside a building or an industrial site. In a festival setting, listening is usually focused on the music, but what happens when the ear is directed toward other sounds in the venue. In this soundwalk, we will listen to, outside of, and around music to find the hidden sounds and acoustic features of the Rogue Festival atmosphere and soundscape as an alternate listening experience. The soundwalk will also include a sonic meditation based on the work of Pauline Oliveros.

Andrea Dancer, Ph.D., is an acoustic arts-based researcher, radio documentarian, sound artist and soundscape composer whose works have premiered in North America and Europe. She has designed sound-based educational programs for museum and galleries, and curated audio and multi-media exhibitions internationally. She is Past Chair of the Canadian Association of Sound Ecology and curator of Audio Postcards Canada.