Photo by via Tina Komendat

Objective: Fun and hilarity.

Participants: 6 per team (5 physical on-site players and 1 person operating the goalie who is off-site)

How to Play: The game is similar to table top Foosball but with real people.

1.       Players must face the opposite team’s goal.

2.       Players must hold onto the hand holds on the piping with both hands at all times.

3.       The game starts by the referee rolling the ball into play from the mid-court starting area.

4.       Play continues until a penalty occurs, the ball is out of reach or out of bounds, or a goal is missed, or is scored. Follow restart procedures to continue playing.

Penalties: If any of the following occur, there will be a penalty called (and a yellow card issued) and the ball will be placed at the feet of one of the non-offending players from the opposite team by the referee. If they player commits a second penalty, they will be issued a red card and ejected from the game.

1.       If a player kicks the ball above the Foosball poles. The ball must remain below the pole level at all times.

2.       If a player kicks the ball out of bounds (out of the playing area).

3.       If a player let’s go of the piping.

4.       If a player uses their hands. If they let go of the Foosball piping and touch the ball with their arms or hands, it will be a penalty and the will be issued a warning.

·       1st offense – yellow ticket

·       2nd offense – red ticket

Starting the Game: The game is started by rolling the ball from the starting area by the referee.

Restart Procedures:

1.       When a goal is scored, the game is restarted by rolling the ball from the starting area.

2.       When the ball rolls out of bounds, the ball should be retrieved and rolled toward the non-offending team.

3.       If the ball cannot be reached in the playing area, the ball should be rolled from the starting area. 

4.       If a goal shot is missed, the game is restarted by rolling the ball from the starting area.

Finishing the Game:

The game is over when the time expired.

The game referee will tally and provide the final score.

Time: 25 minutes

Points: Each goal is 10 points.