The Rogue Fest Flag Shade Project combines all the society’s mandates into one awesome collective project! What are those, you ask? Welllll………

Inspire creativity and increase involvement in the arts by providing multi-medium based forums? CHECK

Foster social inclusion by offering a broader definition of the arts? CHECK

Promote collaboration between and work with individuals, groups, non-profits, organizations, businesses, and government to stimulate a collaborative spirit? CHECK

Advocate for environmentally sustainable practices and alternatives within the arts? …….and CHECK

Started in 2016 and back for 2017, this projected was started off-site in a variety of places through-out The Coast and continuing throughout the Rogue weekend, festival goers will have the opportunity to continue to add to the collaboratively built Flag Shade Project! Using lumber wrap (a non-recyclable construction grade material) people are invited to design a flag on what Rogue means to them. Each flag will get added to the already existing strings of flags, helping provide some shade on site.


So join the pack, make your mark, and GO ROGUE!