Walkin’ Off Key

Walkin’ Off-Key is an interactive art and sound installation made entirely from found objects that invites participants to enter the festival with a bang!

Hidden among the trees into the festival you will find various found objects that have been re-purposed. Shake and tap the installation with your hands or our complimentary organic drumsticks to create your own sounds. Play by yourself or start your own band with the people around. Beat your own path into Rouge!


Installation Collaborator, Jennifer Lyons is multidisciplinary artist, that works with people of all ages, and walks of life fueled by her desire to connect and contribute. She brings her passion for the environment everywhere, finding creative ways to re-purpose objects before they end up abandoned or in the landfill. She explores the lines between art and science in the wide range of projects and programs she has facilitated.

Installation Collaborator, Ryan Mikati is an explorer of sound who perceives everyday sounds as music and aims to show the harmony all around us everyday.