General Festival Info:


The Rogue Arts Festival will happen rain or shine. Considerations for raining toads.

Please leave Rover at home! While we love our furry family, Clarke Farms is a working farm with working farm animals. ABSOLUTELLY no other animals are permitted on the festival site!

PLEASE NO GLASS! Again, this is a working farm and the fields that we will be using are hay fields that the farm will harvest in the following year. People feed their animals this hay!

For the love of the planet.....there will be no sale of bottled water of any kind on-site. Please bring your own water vessel and fill up at our Hydration Station whenever the mood strikes you.

There will be NO ATM available on-site so please bring cash!

No outside boozes will be permitted on the festival site! C’mon, you knew that, right? Plenty of boozes for sale at Rogue Art Fest’s Libation Station!

Think about what you’re bringing. The Rogue Arts Festival is super into this earth, it’s pretty cool, and we don’t want to trash it so let’s keep the disposables to a minimum, yeah?


Leave your car at home! LOOK HERE for alternatives!