Why YES! YES there WILL be on-site camping for Rogue Fest 2017! Nestled between alder, fir, and cedar forests, all surrounded by massive working farmland will be a spot for those that just don't want to leave the festivities! A couple of things to make everyone's stay as enjoyable as possible:

* This is very rustic! While there will be porta-potties and a simple wash station available, that's pretty much it!

* There will be VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY limited vehicle camping. Prepare to tent camp! 

* There will be no parking in the camping area. Prepare to carry your gear in and out! 

* ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN FIRES! It's dry. It's hot. It's covered in dead grass. C'mon. 

* ABSOLUTELY NO PETS are permitted at the festival or campsite. Those that show up with their animal family will have to be turned away. 

* Shade will happen at different points through the weekend but for those that are heat/sun sensitive please bring your own shade making apparatus! 

* This is a private property and working farm! Please no wandering! 

* Please use unscented, bio-degradable soaps/detergents/etc as the camping wash station is part of a grey water system that will be flushed in to the surrounding area.

* Bring everything that will make you happy and your weekend the best it can be. Consider sunscreen, extra water, snacks, flashlights, etc.

* Camping passes are quite limited and will only be sold in advance. Please head over to the BUY NOW page to purchase. 


Looking for off-site accommodations? Here are some of the many other options on The Sunshine Coast!


Camping & RV's

Gibsons RV - 604.989.7275 - WEBSITE

Roberts Creek Provincial Park - 604.885.3714 - WEBSITE 

Creekside Campground – 604 885 5937 - WEBSITE

Porpoise Bay Provincial Park - 604.885.3714 - WEBSITE

B & B's

Cottage Al Sole, Roberts Creek – 604 886 8490 - WEBSITE

Dream Come True Cottage, Roberts Creek - 604 865 0452 - WEBSITE

The Artist and The Quiltmaker - 1 866 570 0702 - WEBSITE


Up The Creek B&B, Roberts Creek – 887 885 8100 WEBSITE

Upper Deck Guesthouse - 604.885.5822 - WESBITE


Cedars Inn Motel and Convention Centre – Toll-Free 1-888-774-7044 WEBSITE

Garden Hotel - Toll-Free 1-844-886-4638 - WEBSITE

Click here for more accommodation options.