Want a fuller Rogue experience than a regular ticket can get you? Can't decide what to get your sister-in-law for her birthday? Feel like treating yourself to a little something special? Well have we got some cool stuff for you AND you can support your favourite, friendly, feisty festival while doing it!

OH! And all from the comfort of your house!

The Rogue Arts Festival is pleased to announce our Support the Rogue - Get Cool Stuff! online auction! From one-of-a-kind locally hand-crafted jewelry to Coast Artisan items to fuller festival packages to get-a-ways, there's little something for everyone here! 

Go on, take more of a LOOK HERE!



 Some items we have for your purchasing pleasure!

What exactly are we raising money for? Well, it takes a lot to get something like a non-profit festival up and running... from feeding all of our fantastic volunteers, to making sure all of our sound, stage and tech gear needs are met, to building benches, supplying porta-potties and lights for the grounds, to paying amazing musicians from all across the province,to supplying recycling and composting, to to to.....well you probably get the picture....... 

A HUGE thank you to all the people and businesses who donated items for the online auction. It's takes a village to create a festival - and we couldn't do it without y'all! YOU RULE!

* Callisto Jewelry * Jessica Collett * Dean Schutz * Krys Chapman * Jacqueline Gillis * Mishelle Brydges * Denise Woodley * Heather Powell * Dean Hunt * The Jeevious Family * Karla McLeod * Marina McBride,*Red Cedar Woman – Jess Silvey * East Creek Studio B&B * JuSa Farms * Clarke Farm * Wilson Creek Farm * Rocky Road Farm * Dragon Fire Bakery * Talaysay Tours – Authentic Cultural Experiences * Sunshine Coast Botanical Society *